Our Maharani Collection is carefully crafted in Jaipur, India in collaboration with under-privileged and marginalised Artisans. These highly skilled, silver smiths have migrated from a village in West Bengal, in search of a better livelihood.

The organisation we partner with, supports these Artisans to earn a sustainable income. They’re provided social empowerment opportunities as they extend their specialised skills in the art of jewellery making.

Mr Arun leads the team of eight men to maintain high quality craftsmanship. Only three years ago, Mr Arun was on the verge of a financial (and emotional) crisis.

He was sponsored machines to improve his workmanship to an International level. He has since employed the team of men from his village to craft jewellery, and he now helps train young men the specialised skill of jewellery making so that they may also choose to earn a dignified living away from the slums and a life of crime.

Although unable to read and write himself, Mr Arun’s life goal was to support his daughter to gain an education.  Last year, through the support of the organisation, she was accepted into an Engineering College.

Mr Arun is becoming stronger and more positive each day. His story is one of many Artisans who craft your jewellery.

Some of the profits from the sale of our products also help fund operations of a non-profit charitable society in India, which works for self-sustainability and socio-economic development of underprivileged artisans.

Transparency and sustainability are important values to us, so please watch this space as we bring you more information about our incredibly talented Artisans + our ethos.

Meet the founder of Bohome and Roam Aimee Kay