how to reduce your plastic waste with reusable products


#dryjuly ? That was for 2016 health conscious humans. This year, we’re determined to reduce our plastic, by choosing reusable products which create lasting change #choosetorefuse #plasticfreejuly

If you’re looking for kick ass solutions to help you reduce your plastic, I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 reusable products.

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The product every ‘on-the-go’, kitchen goddess (or lord) needs for ethical living. The clever brand Kai Carriers have designed a full range of pouch sizes and slick accessories (check out their dissolvable labels – my new favourite plastic free addition).

9.  BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHESbeeswax wraps honeytrap and bamboo toothbrush

I love that these can be tossed into the compost after you’ve finished with them. I love the colours of Mama Bear’s colour range helps you decipher your own toothbrush from the rest of your tribe, the Environmental Toothbrush is simple yet effective, and I’m about to try Green and Kind which also have charcoal bristles. Most are available in a soft version for children, or there’s also the corn starch based Jack and Jill toothbrush (which is super cute).


Endless options here and no excuses. Pick them up from your local supermarket, op shop, or even make your own! I use my Hew Shop market bag daily and there are great options available from Justice Kiss and She Made This.  I’m also crushing on Eleanor Ozich’s beautiful selection of market shoppers and tote bags (also available for your mini).


Ever Eco copper reusable straws available from flora and fauna or oh naturalI may have died and gone to plastic free heaven. I’m putting it out there that reusable straws are about to boomsville and every hip ‘n happen’ hang out will be using them. We have the Ever Eco Bent in fancy Rose Gold Edition.  Check out Aussie based Flora and Fauna for their epic range of reusable straws or Oh Natural for the up and coming New Zealand alternative.


Reduce your landfill and supermarket bill, and fancy up your feasts with cloth napkins. Beautifully soft and absorbent, and they wash up like new, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change earlier.  

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reusable silicon lids to cover bowls and glasses

Glad wrap (shudder) no more! Pop a Charles Viancin silicon lid over your salad bowls, jug, roasting dishes, and even your glass of vino for an air tight seal. #plasticfreejuly perfection and your guests will compliment you for bringing botanically on trend bowls to your next mid winter Christmas or winter barbeque.


Your kids all have a reusable bottle, so why wouldn’t you? We love S’well bottles, and I purchased ours from Good Thing. GoodFor also have a lovely selection of thermal drink-bottles at an affordable price. They’ll keep your hot drinks hot, and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours.


honeywrap and bohome and roam napkins in coral

I’m a pretty avid Honey Wrap user; but, I love that Beeswax wraps are so readily available now.  Made from beeswax and fabric, you can find them in the design and colour that suits your kitchen decor and mood. Feeling a little hippie? DIY your own with this quick tutorial from Eco Deals.


These are a must have. If you’re going to make one change this #plasticfreejuly make it this one and help prevent single use coffee cups ending up in landfill and our oceans! Keep Cups are the worldwide leaders, and with their playful colour combos and sizes available for your cortado to your extra large caramel latte they’re hard to beat.  Available widely throughout New Zealand and Australia.


reusable produce bags available from Pouch Products, Eleanor Ozich, and The Green Collective

Lightweight and transparent, produce bags are the ideal transporter for your fruit, veggies, nuts, and dried fruit. I even use them for storing Georgia’s bib’s and facecloths (who has time to fold anyway?).  Keep a few in your reusable shopping bag, the car, or in your handbag and you’re always good to go! My recommended produce bags can be found from; Pouch Products, Green Collective, and Eleanor Ozich. These bags are so versatile I’m naming them my #plasticfreejuly2017 number one reusable product.

Whether you’re ready to use one, or all of these products, every time you replace a single use plastic, you’re making a significant impact on the environment. Say no to plastic where you can AND remember that you can recycle your soft plastics at collection centres such as your local Supermarket, Four Square or the Warehouse.

Want to remember our top ten? Looking for free alternatives to the products listed above? Download our Freebie for another ten great tips.

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  1. Hi Britta, thank you! I’m so pleased this post has inspired you further on your ethical journey. A water bottle and coffee cup are a great start (beverages are essential right!). Aren’t the lids amazing? I didn’t mention this above; but, I find them particularly useful when heating food in the microwave – they provide a great seal and don’t get ‘overheated’ like a standard plate would if you used one instead of say, cling-wrap. Good luck and keep me posted with your progress.

  2. Love this post, soni spiring and helpful! Thank you for sharing. I have a reusable water bottle and a bamboo coffee mug but really want to become more conscious about what I use. Those silicon lids are genius!

  3. Hi Kate, beyond chuffed that you stopped by to read the blog and that it inspires you! You’re such an ethical goddess and I love that we can empower and learn from one another.

  4. This is so handy and super well written! I love how you have broken everything down so that it feels so manageable- and groovy. Thanks for sharing Bohome! As a fellow plasticfreejulyer, I applaud and feel inspired by you xx

  5. Hi Cheyney, thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog and leave a comment! I love your idea about donating unused plastic for arts and crafts! 🙂

  6. Nice blog post Aimee! covered a lot of excellent bases 🙂 If there is any plastic lying around (it’s difficult to be 100% plastic free), donating it to schools and kindies for art projects is always a good idea (think old cotton reels, milk bottle tops etc). Love the freebie sheet too xx

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