Our ‘Maharani collection’ is reminiscent of our adventures through the Mughal state of Rajasthan. We were inspired by the elegance and prestige of a ‘modern-day’ Maharani.

The vibrant cultural roots and the lavish architectural heritage of Rajasthan has been long enjoyed by curious travellers’, near and far. The cities are adorned with elaborate sandstone golden forts with elegantly arched doors. White marbled palaces float majestically on water, while mansions which were constructed for wealthy Rajasthani merchants are now luxurious and profitable hotels.

These ‘Havelis’ are adorned with overhanging ‘Jharokha’ – beautiful enfolded balconies characteristic of Rajasthani architecture. With its intricately carved ornamental patterns, a Jharokha’s primary function was to be a sight seeing platform for women in ‘purdah‘ (the religious and social practice of female seclusion often associated in Muslim communities).  The women on the balconies could witness the events happening below without being seen from behind the latticed stone windows.

We give tribute to Gayatri Devi who mesmerized the world with her intellect, ethereal beauty, stunning presence and regal charm. The iconic style icon, who crossed the threshold and will always be remembered for welcoming change in a Patriarchal society.

The modern-day Maharani challenges societal expectations and immerse herself in new experiences, while upholding respect, and elegance.

Our Boho Luxe Sunglasses chains were designed for the elegant vagabonds who push the boundaries and adorn themselves with accessories that match their unique personality and style.