#Ethical #Sustainable #Organic #Fairtrade . These hashtags are going gangbusters on Instagram.  

The media is naming NZ fashion brands who are scoring highly on ethical survey rankings (and shaming those who are not).  

Brands are popping up with the term ‘fair trade’ in their tag-line.  Consumer products are marked with the fairtrade label. How often have you wondered what the term actually means and wanted to broaden your consciousness of the fair trade movement? Read on to learn more and click here to receive our fairtrade freebie.

So there’s fair trade, and then there’s fairtrade. Confused?

In a nutshell, fair trade refers to the social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainable farming.  The fashion industry began to pivot following the Rana Plaza factory collapse where thousands of Bangladesh garment workers were killed under forced working conditions.   This sparked the Fashion Revolution ‘who made my clothes’ campaign. This is a global movement which is largely acknowledged during the same week as the Rana Plaza disaster (April 24th – 30th). Broaden your awareness of this inspiring campaign here.  

When the word ‘fairtrade‘ is used in its entirety, it is referring to the certification system that protects farmers and workers by ensuring they are paid a minimum price for their goods.  You can learn all the details about the fairtrade principles here.

The fairtrade mark enables consumers to identify products that have met the internationally-agreed fairtrade standards. Products that carry the mark have been independently audited across the entire supply chain.  In New Zealand, it can be found on consumables such as; bananas, coffee, chocolate, and sugar; and on non-consumables such as; cotton, gold and beauty products. Learn how to become a more ethical supermarket shopper here, and find the fairtrade mark next time you purchase one of these products.

Many of the BOHOME + ROAM suppliers are members of the Fair Trade Federation, with a few belonging to the World Fair Trade Organisation, the Fair Trade Forum India, or at the very minimum they operate under the fairtrade principles and tell a story through social impact.  

The Fair Trade Federation is a community of businesses committed to 360° fair trade.  Its members work closely with small farmers and artisans to ensure good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and economic growth.  To become a member, businesses undergo a vigorous screening process. Verification is based on the Fair Trade Federation principles and they uphold the highest standards of fair trade business practice.

Want to keep growing your consciousness of the fair trade movement and fashion revolution? Over the next month social media will go viral with Fashion Revolution week and World Fair Trade Day.  Click the links in this paragraph or on the image below to find out how you can contribute to spreading awareness. Remember to use the hashtags #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #fairtradeday on social media.

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