I can find these products elsewhere, why choose Bohome + Roam?

Our products are unlike any other product you will find in New Zealand.  We believe in choosing products because they tell a story about where they have come from. We believe in beautifully designed, quality homewares which have been handmade to last a lifetime. We believe in a world where every human is treated with respect and equality, regardless of what country they were born in.  We believe that you, as a socially conscious shopper, also believe in making choices that promote fair trade, and sustainability.

What does Fair Trade mean?

Fair trade is a trading partnership governed by transparency, respect and equality in International Trade.  Fair trade contributes to sustainable employment and empowerment for communities in developing countries.  At a minimum, each employee is an adult who receives fair wages, is working under healthy conditions and is free from exploitation or discrimination.  Check out more about Fair Trade here.

Do you have Fairtrade certification?

No, and not all of our suppliers are Fair Trade certified.  However, we only source suppliers who we believe to be operating under the Fair Trade Principles.  We are transparent about where our product comes from and we encourage our customers to learn more about the incredible stories of our suppliers and Artisans.

Why are there limited quantities of products?

Each piece tells a story about the culture and heritage of the human who made it.  Our products are unique (just like our customers!) and in many cases the designs are one of a kind or vintage.  We are continuously sourcing new designs and suppliers to offer you a unique shopping experience so that your home feels curated and personal rather than ‘on trend’.  Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive updates about new product launches.

The product I wanted has sold out, can I still get it?

As above, many of our pieces are one of a kind, so we highly recommend you nab up an item as you see it! In some cases, we may be able to source the same or similar item for you, contact us and we will do our best to find you a treasure for your home.

Where does this business operate from?

Our business is New Zealand owned and based in Auckland.  All orders are shipped from Auckland, 1025.

How do you package and ship my order?

We believe in sustainability and all of our New Zealand orders are packaged beautifully in branded, compostable boxes, with a personalised message. Please let us know if your order is a gift and we can write a beautiful message on your behalf to your loved one.

We are in the process of transitioning our International packages to eco-friendly packaging. Thanks for your patience.

Is shipping available worldwide?

We offer free shipping when you spend over $75 within New Zealand and over $150 from Australia, with flat rate shipping options available. We have some shipping options available worldwide. Please contact us if your country isn’t listed and we will do our best to help you!  Check out our shipping policy for more information.

Why are there no cushion inners provided with covers?

Because we believe you value choice!  We would rather pass this cost saving on to you so you can decide which type of inner you would prefer to use based on your values, or so you can recycle your own inners.  If you would like some advice about where to go to purchase the correct sized inners for your cushion inners contact us.

We are currently working on sourcing a sustainable inner option.  Are you a supplier of sustainable cushion inners? We would love to hear from you.

How should I care for my towel/cushion/napkin/throw?

We have provided care instructions for each products on our website and you will be provided these instructions when you receive your product.  We do not recommend using fabric softeners or bleach/stain removers as these may damage the fibers.

Why is it recommended to soak towels in cold water for 24 hours before washing?

It generally takes a few washes for pestamels to become soft and absorbent.  Pre-soaking helps loosen up the cotton fibers and speed up the absorbency process.

My question isn’t listed?  

We would love to hear from you.  Please contact us and we will do our best to answer it for you.