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February 23, 2017 2 min read


As I write this, my little family and I are travelling to Lake Rotoiti for a couple of days of sunshine, pressed grapes, and great company with friends. We’re listening to “My Baby” a Dutch band we discovered two days ago from one of our buddies from Holland, while our little girl Georgia naps in her car seat next to my thrifted cowgirl hat and our newly soaked Turkish Towels.  No doubt she’ll be a little sad when she wakes up and realises her buddy Charlie (our oh so loyal golden retriever) won’t be on this trip.  Driving beside me is my hubby, Dave (my partner in crime + the level headed brains behind BOHOME + ROAM).  We’ve been bantering about our next big trip later this year to Italy and we’ve decided that Hong Kong and India will be our ideal stop overs.  Our conversation has led to discussing Turkey’s political climate and (don’t even get me started with a certain someone who rhymes with LUMP) which fills my soul with both a deep sadness and also gratitude.

This is BOHOME + ROAM.  We are a little family with wanderlust in our souls, deep curiosity for the planet and the variety of humans that inhabit it, lovers of the unique and handmade, and although I fall short on a daily basis, we aim to live life more sustainably, more ethically, and more free.

Yes, BOHOME + ROAM is an online store that sells homewares and accessories.  Yes, our products are hand made by humans and each piece is completely unique, one of a kind, and personally handpicked by hubby and I. Yes, we choose to work only with other humans who operate under the fair trade principles. Because, we believe in empowering other humans to rise above poverty in a sustainable way, and we believe that this is the right way of doing business.

But, BOHOME + ROAM is also much more than an online store.  It’s a journey, an adventure, our creative output. Each day, we are trying to make choices in line with our ethos, and our blog endeavours to capture this. Maybe, if you choose to come roam with us, it might inspire you to do the same.

With wander + lust,