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April 09, 2019 2 min read

Penh Lenh, meaning "whole," sets out to empower marginalised young women in Cambodia to pursue their life goals through quality education, skill training, and sustainable employment. Each piece represents the strength and beauty of the women creating them and also the women wearing them.

Artisan Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Artisans: Small, female team.

Products:  Jewellery, accessories

Ethically Made:    Penh Lenh are a small non-profit organisation, not currently accredited with a Fair Trade body. Penh Lenh adheres to the Fair Trade principles in the following ways; artisans are paid a ‘fair wage’, provided sustainable work in a safe and clean workshop, and provided holidays during the weekend and for religious holidays and festivals. The artisans are provided ongoing up-skilling and training to support them with their mental wellbeing and empowerment.

Sustainability: Materials used to make the Penh Lenh jewellery are sourced at local markets in Phnom Penh and in Thailand (the materials come from all over the world). Where possible, Penh Lenh use natural materials for their packaging.

Empowerment for Women +Strengthening Minorities: Cambodia is one of Southeast Asia’s poorest countries. For the people of Cambodia, being able to live and provide for their families is more important than human dignity -  which is why over 70% of women are in vulnerable employment. This includes over 15,000 women in Phnom Penh alone that work in drug or sex-related industries, often with the hope of being able to support their families.

Penh Lenh seeks to combat these industries by taking their mission outside of the workshop and into the community through service projects and fun events. Serving the marginalized and often abused women of our city gives Penh Lenh the chance to illustrate messages of kindness, peace, and hope where those things often lay dormant.

Social Impact: Penh Lenh donate 100% of their net profits back into building new and effective methods of teaching and caring for the artisans. The team are offered weekly academic courses that cover an array of topics ranging from nutrition and physical wellness, to female empowerment, English classes, and professional and budgeting skills.

There is a saying in Cambodia that goes, "Men are gold, women are a white cloth," which implies that men are strong and cannot be stained or lose their value, while women—like a white cloth—once dirty, are stained forever. Penh Lenh is on a mission to challenge this belief and create a movement toward equality across the world. Which is why all of their pieces are made with GOLD.