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April 09, 2019 2 min read

An inspiring collection from India that blends modern design with traditional art forms connecting humans and culture. Based in Texas, United States of America, MATR BOOMIE partner with SETU who are located in Jaipur, India. SETU provide sustainable employment to underprivileged and marginalised Artisans and work under the Fair Trade principles.

Location: All over India

Number of Artisans: 900+

Products: Handicrafts, Jewellery, Fashion, Home décor.

Fair Trade: Fair Trade Federation Member. Matr Boomie value safe working conditions, education, the wellbeing of Artisans, no child labour, sustainable materials and trade practices.

Sustainability: 45% of products made by SETU are compostable at the end of their lifecycle and 44% are made from materials that are sourced in a socially environmentally responsible way. All wood products are made from dead trees and planned, responsible deforestation, and all bone and leather products are made from naturally deceased animals using vegetable tanning processes. They continue to improve its People and Planet impact.

Empowerment for Women: Women are typically disadvantaged in India – earning 56% of what their male colleagues earn for performing the same job. 55% of SETU Artisans are women.

Strengthening Minorities: In India, there is discrimination against humans in minority groups or low caste (‘untouchables’) who lack social and financial opportunities. SETU provide marginalised groups with skills training and opportunities to participate in trade.

Focus on Rural: Artisans in rural India lack resources and direct access to market. 45% of SETU Artisan partners are from rural areas. They are provided design support and access to an International market.

Social Impact: SETU manages and coordinates over 10 different social development programs across India including health and education programs.

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