Hello lovely human

The fact that you’re reading this, tells me that you’re a curious, caring, and special human. You have a unique personal style and believe in blending luxury while living life free-ly. Am I right?

You believe in pieces that are handcrafted with high quality materials and designed to be loved and treasured for many years. A piece of art for your Bohome or for you to take on adventures (whether you are roaming near or far).

Or questions like, ‘How was it made? Where was it made? What was the impact the making of this had on the environment? What story does it tell?’

We love to ask these types of questions too.

In fact, we care so deeply for the answers to these questions, that Bohome and Roam has been built upon our personal values of respect, integrity, and transparency.

Which is why every human, from the Artisan who handcrafts your pieces, to the Team Leader we liaise with, to the humans who ship our collections and ensure they arrive safely to us, to the human who provides you with exceptional customer service, to the human who carefully wraps and packages your order, to our flexible and efficient courier driver, to you, our loyal member of the Bohome tribe, is treated with respect and care.

Dave and I roam the planet to create a unique collection of bohemian inspired homewares, jewellery and accessories. Each item is carefully hand-picked and we are continuously sourcing new designs and limited editions for the modern yet conscientious shopper.  We work in collaboration with Artisans and suppliers who respect the Fair Trade principles.

Bohome + Roam is for conscientious humans who seek beautifully crafted and unique pieces which tell a story either through social or environmental impact.  Join our Bohome tribe and you’ll also receive a special discount code as our way of saying THANK YOU and WELCOME to the Bohome Tribe.